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Good things come in 3!

3 times New York, 3 fantastic company, 3 times more style!

That no one has ever brought together these companies, is a miracle for me. Rare items have so harmonizes, as in this report. Well, since all 3 companies had very different starting conditions, I can perhaps understand yet. 😉

But having now are known, at least in the United States and sought all companies, I would like here in Germany even dare to step and bring you the „Way of Life“ closer.

ClaudiaD Nicka K Absolute New York 009


Firstly, I will now for the first time to introduce you to fashion and secondly an EMU * in matching colors to dress. (* Eye Make Up )

The second premiere is…

It is my first article in a foreign language . Please have pity .

Since I have received wonderful color palettes of Nicka K, the dress is also been somewhat more colorful. I have given selected a dress from Abercrombie & Fitch. In an german traditional dress look with rose print. The ground color is a dark blue.

Therefore, I opted for an EMU in purple / blue.

I started with BB Cream – Medium Dark – Nicka K

The BB Cream is like a tinted day cream, cover color differences easily, it is moisture spendent and gives the skin a fresh appearance.

A light consistency facilitates an application by the sponge. Small flaws are compensated.

Brush Liquid Eyeliner Pen – Nicka K NY

The eyeliner can be like a brush, secure and accuratly result, the ink transfer is comfortable and dries quickly on the skin. Through its „Water-resistant“ formula also very durable.

Brush Liquid Eyeliner Pen Black

Brush Liquid
Eyeliner Pen

Brush Liquid Eyeliner Pen Black
Eye Shadow Base / Nude Nicka K – NYA12

In order to support an intense coloring I used the base. A light mousse that play is suitable for veneering. The ideal base for eyeshadow.

9 Perfect Colors – Nicka K NY – AP017

This eye shadow palette I was approached especially the magenta and the azure.

ClaudiaD Nicka K Absolute New York 026
The EMU  I have kept very simple in order to bring it into line with the dress and to keep it suitable for everyday use.

Kept simple

Kept simple

FabuLashes – Absolute NY – AEL31

To give the whole a harmonious conclusion I FabuLashes of Absolute New York used. That is a „false eyelashes“ -wreath made of human hair and very high quality.



For the perfect eyelashes

Ultra Slick

Ultra Slick

Ultra Slick Lipstick NFA11 completes the overall picture very successful.

A love for Accesoire

As a special eye-catcher I’ve got a pretty bracelet the selected color to pretty much everything fits what is summery.

Love is in the air

Love is in the air

The multi-band „love“ provides the complete conclusion here.
Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch

A very light summer dress with a discreet band for draping at the waist. So everything is where it belongs.

ClaudiaD Nicka K Absolute New York 082

In the two-layered look just right for the summer!

Did you like the article ? Let me know!
Best regards from germany,
Claudia D.