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Thanks to the events of Familien-Zauber , our Midsummer Night’s Dream (Sommernachtstraum) , I was also able to find any of Bronx Color Estheticians.

My event packet

My event packet

A cosmetics company, which has its headquarters in Düsseldorf and is now ready to compete in the European market.

 Bronx Claudiad 013

Bronx Color code is female, sexy and appealing. For every taste and type of woman that right at the moment almost nothing to be desired. Since there worked on animals and produced, I did not even feel guilty when I buy or use the products …

Incredible color and infinite possibilities

Nationwide cosmetics must be fundamentally every day easy for me. As a mother of 3 kids, I did not always have the time to make up me elaborate. Many sleepless night makes a still further to provide.

Still, I like to try me one or the other project, in order to show what is possible with these wonderful products.

this code AMU with Dual Tip painted

Handy July 2015 539


With the dual tip can be draw fine lines, or you can also work out larger areas with it. Its soft flexible tip allows one to work accuratly. The color consistency is smooth and fills even small wrinkles out.

An intense, opaque black that easily adheres throughout the day. Even at elevated temperatures. 😉

law in Picture is the Eyebrow Kit to see

On the right is the Eyebrow Kit to see

The Eyebrow Kit for the Road

A perfect eyelashes also includes a well-kept, beautiful eyebrow for me. Myself have no thick eyebrows. Since helps to add a little color to make it look all pretty evenly. For the Traveller Eyebrow Kit offers. Trace the eyebrows with the applicator and soft blind all the tufts.

Nail lacquer NL160 Cloverleaf

I, an avowed nail polish junkie …

A unusually color for me that is refreshing and calming effect on me. In fact, everyday use and not as flashy as I suspected it.


NL160 Cloverleaf

The 11ml vial is made slightly conical and is easy to open. The brush is short and compact. Despite its soft bristles of the paint application is easy and accuratly. After the first application (please always use a base coat) can paint the 2nd layer already. After good two minutes wait time already. The color covers already quite well to the second layer.

The natural gloss negotiating a gloss varnish. Therefore it is maintained after a few minutes Tip-Top in the nail area.

Shockproof after about 30 minutes.

To make sure that the nails are really dry, you do first, very carefully the lip test. Very gently touched the nail to the lips. If it feels smooth and no longer sticky, you can take the next step by carefully the painted nails, face to face, touching.

Should it stick, the paint is still wet.

Can the nails but another knock and there is a clear clicking sound, they are definitely dry and shockproof!

These were my first impressions of Bronx Colors code. How like them because the products?

 Bronx Colors by Claudia D.  

– Bronx Colors

– presented by Claudia D.

Much love,

from Germany,

Claudia D.

The products were provided free me and unconditionally available in the course of events. At this point I am very grateful for the confidence placed in me.

Incidentally Bronx Color code is also available on Facebook. 😉

Englisch ist nicht Deine Stärke? Meine auch nicht! 😉 Versuch es einfach hier!