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Anyone who knows me knows that you can always bring joy to me with a nice nail polish.
And since I can have paints never enough, it could eventually even a nail polish-crisis break out and it would buy in the market no longer paints would give, I would be supplied at least for a while. : D
Such fatal moments must keep an eye on a woman. 😉
All joking aside … I am not only a trained hairdresser, but also certified nail stylist with diploma. : D Yes, and I’m proud of it.
Since it is hardly surprising that I do not have somehow lost the inclination to paint. Although I can not exercise my learned professions, I like to rejoice and others to which one or other self-designed style. Great inspiration for this are sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Co.
I can tell you, since many real artists are in nail design on the go! However, I sometimes come to me really clumsy. 😉 But I’m that no „technical idiot“, a special „multi-talent“!
No, honestly, I take my hat off to all those who really kicks ass. My Respect! Nevertheless, I’m going to my „creations“ not withheld. 😉
In order to conjure up a pretty design but is not only a certain talent, but also the right to paint! And because I want to introduce paints made by Absolute New York you today.
Absolute New York

Absolute New York

Since just can take place launch in Europe and I must indeed show you this little baby and showing off, but unfortunately Will you have to wait a little until you can hold it in your hands! Yes, I know that’s a real shame. But see it this way. You are exclusively at the launch about myself! That is to say, something to do, you are, fire-date than my readers! Available are some small, selected items in the online shop. Even more soon at Amazon!

NFB32 Tarte au Citron

Tarte au Citron

Is not that a wonderful pretty yellow?
The colors are beautiful and cover already intensively for the 2nd layer. To see on the picture, I have used a white base coat and the NFB32 – Tarte au Citron applied only once.



The vials have no particular shape, but are handy. The krelativ short brush enables a precise and rapid application.
The layers dry through in 5 minutes and you can apply the 2nd layer. For me, the coatings have held more than a week on average.

Without a white basic After one shade

Without a white basic
After one shade

I just wanted to try it, what’s going on so and just did a colorful French design it.

Second shade and colour change

Second shade
and colour change

For me, the perfect summer sun-Good mood-trend. The colors are brilliant, the paint has a beautiful natural shine and color cover. What more do you want? As You Like It?

Blow my monkey

Blow my monkey

I have used the paints
• NFB32 – Tarte au Citron
• NFB36 – Green Neon
• NFB28 – Orange Neon
• NFB02 – Jet Black
Now I’m curious times in your opinions!
Laquetestic greetings,
Claudia D.
The products were provided free me and unconditionally available. For the confidence placed in me, I would like to thank very warmly at this point.